Author Topic: The PADay's (PayDay's)  (Read 658 times)

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The PADay's (PayDay's)
« on: April 01, 2016, 01:51:16 PM »
So PADay is what I have jokingly been calling our "objectives". It's definitely up for debate but I wanted to define what the term represents, and therefore define the term for you guys.

I'll start with an example.
If we had 1000 users at a penny a day. That would be 1000 pennies a day, or $10.00. So $70.00 would be the weekly penny count.
We would take a third of that for 5 days, or $3.33 a day, to have $16.65 plus the 6th $10 and the 7th so ($36.65) on the sixth day.
This leaves $6.00 a day for the daily PADay. and the "Big Penny Payout" is the sixth PADay that uses the $36.65. Which is roughly over %50about 52% of the weekly penny count.
This is an example based of 1000 pennies a day, the formula which written out looks like this with x being the amount of pennies a day 5(x(1/3))+2x=y 
Solving for y is what the Big Penny Payout will spend. The daily PADay is just x(2/3) and you know what they say, 2 out 3 ain't bad.

Okay now that you see how I will get my numbers let me explain why.

Penny A Day is going to do something for someone 6 days a week. The 7th day is for you to take a break, but there ain't no rest for the wicked. The 7th day of pennies is for making sure we stay caught up on video editing and publishing and communication with you all. So that we can start all over again the next day.
We will also operate completely on our own whim (whatever I think is the best way to do it) until you guys start being an active part of the process. Which I promise to always plan out the Big Penny Payout will plenty of time for you to vote on it. The other 5 days you will most likely have to influence me through twitter when I'm just out there doing me. I will always let you guys know what part of the day I will be "PADaying" so you can interact.